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Mining Process

Opencast mining method has been adopted for both Kapurdi and Jalipa mining blocks due to the following reasons

  • Multi seam deposit
  • OB strata is not suitable for underground mining
  • Mining by opencast method will be economical against underground mining
  • Opencast mining operations are comparatively safer and ensure higher recovery of lignite resources.

    At present the mining is being done by adopting conventional Shovel Dumper combination available for opencast mining. Main advantages of Shovel Dumper system are given below:

  • System is highly flexible.
  • Deposits in both Kapurdi and Jalipa areas are multi seam with number of lignite bands and hence this system is advantageous in the present situation.
  • Most of the equipments can be indigenously purchased leading to lower capital cost and short procurement and erection time.
  • Technology is well established in India and all resources are readily available.


South West Mining Limited (SWML) has been appointed as Mine Developer cum Operator which is a Mine Operating Company and currently operates Iron Ore Mines in the state of Karnataka. Additionally, SWML also operates Stone Aggregate, Dolomite and Limestone mines in the States of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. SWML has got sufficient equipments to carry out developmental and mining activities.

Overview of the Kapurdi Lignite Mines


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